Stewart Farm

The Stewart Farm on Easton Road in Sugar Hill, N.H. includes woods, wetlands, and open fields.

NEW: There is maple syrup being made once again at the Stewart Farm. See the video!

In October 2004, ACT received its most generous and significant donation to date: a conservation easement on the 255-acre Stewart Farm and sugarbush in Sugar Hill and Easton. Owner Charlie Stewart was well-known for his maple syrup, his knowledge of the history and heritage of sugaring, and his love of local history.  Mr. Stewart’s wish was that the fields his ancestors worked so hard to clear, and sugarbush he had tended all his life, would live on when he was gone. Instead of seeing houses sprout from the fields, Charlie said he hoped “a young kid will want all this” to continue farming and making syrup.

Under terms of the conservation easement, ACT may mow the farm fields to keep them open for their habitat and scenic value. For generations, residents and visitors have walked the trails through Stewart’s woods, and appreciated

The Stewart Farm dates from the 19th century.

the farm’s place in the rural culture of the community. Through Mr. Stewart’s generosity, future generations will able to do the same.


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