Bronson Hill Conservation Area

Bronson Hill is a much loved part of the landscape of Sugar Hill, N.H. The open fields and undeveloped ridge line is a prominent view from Main Street, the town hall, and the community house. In several surveys about the future of town, Sugar Hill residents named this land as an important scenic value that ideally would be conserved.

Thanks to the generosity of a family with long roots in Sugar Hill, part of Bronson Hill is now permanently protected from development while staying open for public enjoyment. Rufus Perkins, his brother Jim, and their sister Louisa Porter donated a conservation easement on their 136 acres to ACT in August, 2009.

The open fields of Bronson Hill are a landmark in Sugar Hill.

The family’s willingness to permanently protect the outstanding scenic hillside – as well as allow public enjoyment of it – stands as a testament of their commitment to ACT, its values, and to the community.

The  siblings trace their love of the area to their great grandfather’s arrival in Sugar Hill in 1885. “We spent many summers as children and all seasons as adults either on Sunset or Bronson Hill,” Rufus says. “The long family connection and our appreciation of the special nature of the place made us want to keep it as it is for future generations to enjoy.”

The Perkins-Perkins-Porter land abuts ACT’s Foss Forest and the MacCornack-Evelyn Forest, the latter being the generous gift from another family with deep local roots. The combined 320 acres form a significant unfragmented tract of forestland that is home to wildlife as well as enjoyed by many for the walking trails and splendid views.

The entire ACT Board of Directors has been humbled by the neighborhood effort to conserve these special places. THANK YOU Jim, Louisa, and Rufus for your generous gift and your untiring commitment to our mission, vision and goals. Your leadership has provided us with the vision to truly see the forest for the trees!


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