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Our Mission: The Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust is the nationally accredited, locally based, grassroots nonprofit lands conservancy serving New Hampshire’s North Country. Our mission is to conserve land for the future growth and well being of the region.  ACT’s work is the result of many hands. Click here to support our mission.

Bronson Hill Conservation Area, Sugar Hill, N.H.

ACT conserves land with ecological, community, historic, or scenic value. We especially focus on the farmlands and working forests that give our region its heritage, character, and are integral in our economy.

Our History: ACT was founded in 1999 by a group of friends and neighbors who shared a concern about the rapid loss of open lands in their community.  After successfully raising the funds to purchase a local property slated for development, the group decided there was a need in the larger area for an organization which could assist in similar efforts. They incorporated ACT in New Hampshire and obtained tax-exempt status from the IRS in 2000.

ACT’s service area is northern Grafton and Coös counties. As of late 2011, we have permanently conserved land for community benefit in Littleton, Lancaster, Lyman, Bethlehem, Easton, Sugar Hill, and Lisbon.

Our Work: We work with private landowners who place conservation easements on their land. Easements are legal agreements that protect land’s ecological and community values, such as wildlife habitat, clean water, or exemplary views. Easements encourage farming and forestry, but limit or prohibit development. The land stays privately owned, and may be sold or passed on to heirs. By accepting the responsibility of holding the conservation easement, ACT commits to ensuring that its terms are followed. Conservation easements are written to last in perpetuity – a long time! This means that ACT must have the financial and organizational capacity to steward and defend each easement as necessary. Each conserved property has a dedicated fund for its long-term stewardship.

Many of our private conserved lands are open for public use, but access is up to the owners – please ask permission if you have any doubts about use. And when you visit, please treat the land as if it were your own, with all the care that entails.

ACT also owns conservation land that has been donated to us or that we have purchased through community fund raising. We invite you to visit. We maintain our land for public enjoyment and recreational use, and manage the land for wildlife habitat and high-quality timber. Land we own is listed here:

Foss Forest

Herbert G. Whipple Conservation Area

McCornack-Evelyn Forest




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